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If you watched my last video: “Goodbye” where I shared the big changes I’ve been making at Born Celebrity, and you made the conscious choice to stay with me, I want to say congratulations!

This week I shot a new video (below) that celebrates you going for it. It will give you a jump-start to your next big leap that you know that you need to take. Let’s keep jumping together. Taking risks is even more important the more successful you become. If you want to keep getting to the next level, you can’t stay where you are.

The fact that you’re taking this exciting journey with me means you are a risk taker. You want to reach your most powerful potential, and the word “NO” doesn’t stop you. You don’t hide your drive or make excuses. You are a doer, are someone who wants to make a difference.

So watch scroll down to the video now…

And post your thoughts, comments or question
below the video, I love hearing from you.