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3 Secrets of Uber Successful People

SCROLL BELOW TO WATCH THE VIDEO! What if I told you that I just recorded a new video for you with 3 Simple Secrets that can help you rise to an even higher level than you are right now? Would you be interested?  Would you take a moment out of your busy day to learn how? [...] read more

Why Not Be Iconic?

SCROLL BELOW TO WATCH THE VIDEO! Are you an icon? Do you want to be an icon? Should you want to be an icon? In my latest video (below) I talk about what creating an iconic personal brand really means. Whether you want to be an icon or not, you won't want to miss this [...] read more

Don’t Hesitate… Jump!

SCROLL BELOW TO WATCH THE VIDEO! If you watched my last video: “Goodbye” where I shared the big changes I’ve been making at Born Celebrity, and you made the conscious choice to stay with me, I want to say congratulations! This week I shot a new video (below) that celebrates you going for it. It will give you [...] read more

Saying Goodbye…

SCROLL BELOW TO WATCH THE VIDEO! For some of you this video will cause us to part ways. For others it will be serve as the beginning of a new journey for us together. The only thing you can count on in life is CHANGE and I have an important message to share with you about [...] read more

What’s Your Frequency?

SCROLL BELOW TO WATCH THE VIDEO! Just because you might already be super successful doesn't mean you can't "raise your frequency" and reach your bigger vision. Since I live in Beverly Hills, where many of my high-end coaching clients live, I have special insight into what it takes to be a real star and use all of your [...] read more

Two Choices for the New Year?

Happy Gorgeous New Year! Whether you realize it or not, this is the crucial moment when you set intentions and goals for the New Year, and it will define your whole 2016 success (or failure). Consciously or not, you're jumping in to the new year with excitement. Or you're feeling a bit afraid that this [...] read more

Learn From My Mistake

This is a time of year for kindness and generosity… but sometimes you simply mess things up. In the video below I share how I handled a situation where I did something wrong… and owned it. We all need to keep rising to our best self and be a person of integrity, speak what we truly [...] read more

Gratitude for You

I shot this video (below) for you on Thanksgiving before Mark and I left for dinner at the Hotel Bel-Air. (Fun fact: Larry King, former host of Larry King Live on CNN sat right next to us with his family). I hope you're having an amazing holiday weekend with your family and friends (if you live in the United States) and, if you [...] read more