Born Celebrity provides Private & Exclusive 1-on-1 coaching/consulting for 1-of-a-kind Personal Brands (celebrities, entrepreneurs, and high-profile personalities) who want to Achieve their Ultimate Potential.

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What’s Your “Next Big Thing”?

What would you do next if you could achieve the seemingly impossible? Here at Born Celebrity we’re redefining what it means to be a celebrity, removing the stigma of living a big life so you can step into all of your greatness… tap into all of your true Star Power… be fulfilled inside and out… successful and mindful… so you can make a bigger difference in the world.

Imagine having high-level support to help you:

1. Consistently reinvent yourself and stay relevant

2. Overcome the challenges you’re aware of but can’t overcome alone

3. See and overcome the obstacles you can’t see, that are holding you back.

Get on Top

You’ve never been recognized as the leader of your industry… but you are talented, successful, and accomplished… and you know that with some help you could  take your self, your business, and your brand to the next level… have a bigger impact… and enjoy the journey more.

Stay on Top

You’re at the top of your industry… unsure if you can take yourself, your business, and your brand to another level… have a bigger impact… or enjoy the journey more… but you’re curious… and you want to protect the success that you’ve worked so hard to create.

Get Back On Top

You used to be on top but you’ve gotten bored or plateaued, or things are trending in the wrong direction. You know that you have the potential to take your self, your business, and your brand to the next level… have a bigger impact… and/or enjoy the journey more… but you’re not sure how.

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What If…

What if you could wave a Magic Wand and suddenly change one thing about your External Life… and one thing about your Internal Life? What would you do first?



Bulletproof: Stay positive and productive so you can consistently perform at the highest level—and quickly overcome adversity—instead of instead of becoming fearful and destructive.

Connected: Trust your instincts and intuition more. Be more in tune and in touch with your “Infinite Intelligence”.

Purpose: DIscover and/or stay aligned with your one-of-a-kind “Celebrity Vision” and mission that no one else could ever imitate or copy.

High Frequency: Have more energy and vibrate at your highest frequency. Stay inspired, in your passion, in your “flow”.

Authentic: Be 100% you, genuine, and original.

Swagger: Increase your confidence.

Bliss: Enjoy more of your day—every day.



Earning Power: Increase your income and/or add additional income streams.

Opportunities: Attract/create more of the opportunities you really want, instead of doing what you think/feel you need to do, so you can live the life you want.

Exposure: Get more/better attention and visibility.

Relevance: Increase your authority as a trendsetter, the leader of your category.

Impact: Make a positive difference in the lives of more people.

Image: Improve your appearance and/or personal brand appearance and/or the way you and your brand are perceived.

Team: Make sure you have the right people, systems, and structure in place.


Born Celebrity is Not:

– A publicity or public relations company

– A company that works on contingency

– A management company

– A branding agency

– A booking agency

– A life coaching company

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Do you believe you have what it takes to qualify for Born Celebrity coaching? Send us your answers to these questions using the email for below or call us toll-free at 800-246-0106.

1. Describe yourself and your business/brand.

2. What is the one thing (Internal and External) you’d most like to change about yourself and your business/brand?

3. What was your approximate gross/net business revenue last year?

4. Is there anything else you’d like to share?

5. If applicable, provide your website/blog and social media links.

After you submit your answers we’ll let you know if it seems you might be a good fit for Born Celebrity, and let you know what you should do next.

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Our Clients


Born Celebrity provides exclusive consulting for personal brands (celebrities, elite entrepreneurs, and high-profile personalities) who are trendsetters in their industry and beyond. They’ve appeared on the world’s biggest stages; been featured in major media (feature film, TV, radio, print, and online); published books with major publishers; been spokespersons for major brands; and received national and international recognition for their accomplishments and philanthropy.

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Photo Gallery & Testimonials

“If I were asked to design my angel I would tell God to make her just like Ingrid.”
“Ingrid has helped me with the external, tactical business skills that I need… but she’s also helped me see myself as a celebrity and stay focused on success.”
“Ingrid is authentic, magnetic, and strong… she has always supported me in a natural way and I feel like she sees right through me.”
“Born Celebrity is perfect for this industry and I see how and why they make many stars.”
“Ingrid is helping me incorporate every part of me into my brand. I find that magical. Instead of having three different identities like I used to, she’s helping me bring it all into one…”
“Ingrid is pushing me gently into a bigger me… accessing more of my big vision, my big dreams, my big goals.”
“Ingrid seems to know exactly what I need to challenge and she guides me through my inner obstacles, both gently and when necessary, tough.”
“This coaching is a completely different experience than I’ve ever had before.”
“Ingrid’s coaching has helped me realize I am capable of anything. Her instincts are dead on.”
“It’s impossible to lie to myself during sessions because it is impossible to lie to Ingrid. She just knows…”
“When Ingrid once told me ‘You’re a Superstar’, I thought it was ridiculous. But during my time with her, I was celebrated like a Superstar.”
“Ingrid’s level of support is extraordinary.”
“Ingrid is kind but holds one accountable because she wants the best for her clients.”
“Ingrid is a change maker… a great leader… a real life example of courage, beauty, wisdom and grace.”
“I’m so grateful for your wonderful support, guidance, and love.”
“You are gracious and kind, yet prepared to ask the hard questions and really push me forward.”
“Ingrid has a magical quality… a special gift and ability to draw out the bigger, brighter part of you.”
“Ingrid is helping me put myself out there in a way that people already know who I am and exactly what I do, before they even come to me.”
“Ingrid, coming into your world has been one of the biggest blessings in my life and my business.”
“Ingrid, working with you goes way beyond business, it goes right to your heart and transforms in countless ways.”
“What touches me the most is Ingrid’s combination of sweetness, kindness, strength, and focus.”
“Ingrid knows how to bring out the existing potential in everyone to create ‘Real Stars’.”
“You are so inspiring and I am amazed by what you do and who you are. I love you and your caring, compassionate heart.”
“I’ve been working with Ingrid for more than a year, and she is amazing. She’s been my muse and mentor with several different businesses that I’m involved with.”
“Ingrid, you exposed me to new ideas, but it was very collaborative. To be honest, I was surprised how fun and enjoyable it was.”
“Ingrid Elfver and Born Celebrity underpromise, and over deliver!”
“I have to admit that I had a little resistance to the idea of being a ‘Celebrity’ …until you expressed what being a Celebrity is truly about. I love how you depict it.”
“I feel nothing will stand in the way of Ingrid’s belief in me and she will battle to the end about who she believes I am.”

Meet Ingrid Elfver

Ingrid Elfver

Ingrid Elfver

Ingrid Elfver

Founder & President, Born Celebrity

Ingrid Elfver is the founder of Born Celebrity, an exclusive—and completely confidential—consulting company located in Beverly Hills, California. For more than 20 years, Ingrid has worked 1-on-1 with personal brands (celebrities, entrepreneurs, and high-profile personalities), to help them achieve their ultimate potential (inside and out) so they can be more successful, have a greater impact, and have more fun and swagger along the way.

Ingrid has worked with: A-list celebrities and entertainers, high profile entrepreneurs, prominent thought leaders, spiritual leaders, award-winning writers and bestselling authors, world-renowned speakers, celebrity bloggers, well-known actors and actresses (feature film, TV, online), popular media personalities (TV, radio, print, online), award-winning musicians, accomplished recording and performing artists, professional dancers, filmmakers, movie producers and directors, distinguished interior designers, fashion designers, models, fine artists, politicians, professional athletes, and more.

Ingrid’s clients call her a muse with “scary intuition” and a special ability to help them see and achieve their bigger vision and purpose. Ingrid was recently honored with a “Phenomenal Woman Award” at an event co-hosted by lifestyle designer Kathy Ireland, as an example of what it means to be “powerful, inspired, brilliant, visionary and bold.” recently included Ingrid on their list of “Top 10 Twitter Feeds for Inspiration” alongside Tony Robbins, Russell Simmons, and Paulo Coelho. But Ingrid isn’t just here to make you feel good. She’ll also challenge you to connect more deeply with your instincts and Infinite Intelligence, raise your frequency, and improve your strategy… so you can be more aligned… and take yourself and your brand to the next level.

Originally from Sweden, Ingrid has a deep understanding of, and affinity for, personal brands partly because she is one. Ingrid was introduced through a family friend to many “conscious celebrities” living big, meaningful lives when she was just a child. When Ingrid was 14, she started to model (print and runway). When Ingrid was 16, she got her own apartment and was recruited to travel Sweden as Scout, Master of Ceremonies, and Judge for Miss Europe. When Ingrid was 18, she moved to Beverly Hills (her first neighbors were Burt Reynolds and Rod Stewart). Ingrid continued to model but she also started to appear in popular commercials and well-known music videos, and on billboards on Sunset Blvd.

Ingrid has degrees in economics and art from schools in Sweden and the United States, and she has has exhibited her original paintings, sculptures, drawings, and lithographs in the US and abroad, and a line of her leather products (purses, healing pouches, etc.) was distributed and sold in the US and abroad at trade shows and prestigious retail outlets such as Fred Segal. Prior to founding Born Celebrity, Ingrid also created a lifestyle brand called “Simply Authentic” featuring her original illustrations and writings in books and on various products. Today Ingrid says that her consulting clients are her “art”.

Ingrid began consulting personal brands when she was just 22, after a near-death experience—she had a kidney infection that caused her to pass out for 30 minutes before friends found her and took her to the ER. While Ingrid was “away” she connected with Source (love) in a profound way. She also had a powerful vision that made her more fearless, appreciative of each moment, and (most important) able to see how others could embrace more of their purpose and power. When Ingrid “came back” celebrities, entrepreneurs, and high-profile personalities (and others) were attracted to her energy and began approaching her for insight and support.

Now Ingrid has helped thousands of people get more in touch with their instincts and Infinite Intelligence, stay in the moment, and overcome the blocks and blind spots holding them back… inside and out. Everyone is born to be a star, but most people don’t have the courage to step completely into the spotlight–with true mindfulness, power, and grace. So, what’s your “next big thing”?  What would you do right now if you could wave a magic wand and do… absolutely anything? And, who do you have in your life who can help you create it? If you think you might be a good fit for Born Celebrity consulting, click here to Apply Now and find out.

No matter how successful you are,
there’s always another level…

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Do you believe you have what it takes to qualify for Born Celebrity coaching? Click on the “Apply Now” button below to send us an email or call us toll-free at 800-246-0106.

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