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Grow, protect, and love your brand...

How does your brand rank from 1 (lowest)
to 10 (highest) for the following?

1. Is the brand’s net revenue increasing every year due to participation in “high value” opportunities that are “on brand” and aligned with the brand’s target market?

2. Are you adding new streams of revenue every year so you have many stream of active and passive income?

3. Are you so well off financially that, if you could never work again, starting tomorrow, you wouldn’t have to worry about yourself or the people you take care of?

4. Does your brand have enough revenue – “FU revenue” – that allows you to say no to every person and opportunity that isn’t the best for your brand?

5. How well do you believe your brand’s current earning power reflects your brand’s current value?

6. How confident are you that you can increase your brand revenue by communicating the brand’s value in a better way, and working smarter instead of harder?

7. How strong is your belief that you can drastically increase your brand value and equity?

8. How well is your brand equity is protected from external threats from competitors, the media, etc.?

9. Do you have any internal concerns or conflicts about increasing your revenue such as: you becoming too busy; you becoming inauthentic or materialistic; or worrying how others might judge you?

10. Do you think you’re getting the biggest return possible on your investment of time, energy, and money building your brand?


Improve your ranking...

Grow, protect, love your brand

Born Celebrity provides personal brand consulting for conscious celebrities, companies, and high-profile individuals who want to grow, protect, and love their brands.


No matter how successful your brand is, there are bigger and/or better opportunities.


Protect your brand from the (internal and external) threats that will kill or cripple it.


Improve your experience with your brand, and enjoy the journey more.

Who We’ve Worked With

A-list celebrities and entertainers, elite entrepreneurs, prominent thought leaders, spiritual leaders, award-winning writers and bestselling authors, world-renowned speakers, celebrity bloggers, well-known actors and actresses (feature film, TV, online), popular media personalities (TV, radio, print, online), award-winning musicians, accomplished recording and performing artists, professional dancers, filmmakers, movie producers and directors, distinguished interior designers, fashion designers, models, fine artists, politicians, professional athletes, and more.

How We're Different

Comprehensive – We're the only company that takes a truly integrative approach (see below) to help high-end clientele grow, protect, and love their brands. Other companies offer strategy and services in one or more narrow categories. We'll look at the big picture with you so you get the best return on every investment of time, energy, and money that you make.

Celebrity – Our clients are high-profile people who've paid their dues in many respects before approaching us. They've already developed their talents, work ethic, and/or ability to get exposure. Our clients don't work with us to discover or establish their brands. They work with us to leverage their existing success--grow, protect, and love their brand even more.

Conscious – We only work with "conscious" clientele who are committed to more than just wealth and notoriety. People who want to live a "high frequency" life, stay aligned with their instincts and creativity, live "on purpose", develop and evolve their brands, stretch themselves, take risks, be genuine, and make a positive impact on the people around them.

Born Celebrity is a high-level brand consulting company. We are NOT a talent or booking agency, a talent or brand management company, a publicity or public relations company, or a do-it-for you service provider.

Request a Consultation

Do you believe you have what it takes to qualify for Born Celebrity coaching? Send us your answers to these questions using the email form below or call us toll-free at 800-246-0106.

1. Describe yourself and your business/brand.

2. What are the two things (internal and/or external) you’d most like to change about yourself and/or your business/brand?

3. Provide any relevant website/blog and/or social media links.

After you submit your answers we’ll let you know if you quality for a complimentary Born Celebrity consultation, and we'll let you know what you should do next.

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