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Grow, protect, love your brand...

How does your brand rank from 1 (lowest)
to 10 (highest) for the following?

1. Having enough team members (personal and professional) for the right tasks so you can stay focused on the big picture/vision, do what you do best, and do what you enjoy most: assistant(s), other employees, coach(es) and consultant(s), image consultant(s), stylist(s), personal trainer(s), life coach(es), therapist(s), spiritual guide(s), psychic(s), nutritionist(s), chef(s), butler(s), housekeeper(s), estate manager(s), personal shopper(s), nanny(s), security, photographer(s), business partner(s), publicist(s), lawyer(s), agent(s), manager(s), marketing/advertising, investor(s), wealth manager(s), website/social media, etc.

2. Managing your team vs. your team managing you

3. Quickly/calmly/effectively dealing with team problems and issues

4. Identifying/attracting/retaining the most skilled people

5. Identifying/attracting/retaining the most loyal/supportive people

6. Identifying/attracting/retaining the right personalities that fit you

7. Identifying/attracting/retaining team members that make your job/life easier instead of harder

8. Having clear and efficient systems and structure for your team as well as clear, healthy, and effective communication with your team so they have the right energy and perform at the level you want them to

9. Your team’s ability to manage your brand independently and your ability to let them do it (delegate and not micromanage)

10. Your ability and willingness to quickly and effectively set and maintain healthy boundaries with people in your personal and professional life


Improve your ranking...

Grow, Protect, Love your Brand

Born Celebrity provides brand strategy and consulting for high-profile individuals (including celebrities), companies, and charities. Our individualized brand strategy is tailored to the unique needs and desires of each brand we work with. However, we help all our clients: grow their brands, protect their brands, and love (enjoy) their brands more. Those things mean different things to everyone, so the first step in our process is getting to know our clients and evaluating their brand’s performance using all nine areas of our proprietary brand assessment tool: exposure, equity, opportunities, uniqueness, rank, image, team, harmony, and impact.

How is Born Celebrity different from other “brand strategy” or “brand consulting” companies?


Since we work exclusively with high-profile individuals (including celebrities), companies, and charities—we’re more attuned to their needs and desires. We don’t try to impress our clients with more information than they want or need. We get to the point, quickly. And we’ve worked with people at the highest level, so we’re not intimidated by anyone (we’ll tell you what you need to hear), and no idea or dream is “too big” for us.


No other company takes our comprehensive approach, which focuses on every part of a brand (inside and out). Other consulting companies look at one or two—or a few—parts of a brand. But every part of your brand interacts with, and affects, the other parts. In other words, if you’re getting advice about your brand from someone who hasn’t taken the time—or doesn’t have the ability—to evaluate every aspect of your brand, it’s not brand strategy; it’s advice that can hurt or hinder your brand.


We only work with “conscious” clientele, those committed to more than just wealth and notoriety. In other words, “high frequency” individuals who want to be authentic and live “on purpose,” stay aligned with their instincts and creativity, and have a positive impact on those around them (fans, followers, staff, friends, family, etc.). Unlike most brand consulting companies, money isn’t the only requirement to work with us. We need to respect you and have a good chemistry with you.

Who has Born Celebrity worked with?
We keep the identity of our clients confidential but we’ve worked with: A-list celebrities and entertainers, elite entrepreneurs, prominent thought leaders, spiritual leaders, award-winning writers and bestselling authors, world-renowned speakers, celebrity bloggers, well-known actors and actresses (feature film, TV, online), popular media personalities (TV, radio, print, online), award-winning musicians, accomplished recording and performing artists, professional dancers, filmmakers, movie producers and directors, distinguished interior designers, fashion designers, models, fine artists, politicians, professional athletes, and more.

What does Born Celebrity NOT do?

Born Celebrity™ is NOT: a talent or booking agency; a brand management company; a publicity or PR company; a do-it-for you service provider; going to “represent” your brand in any way or call others on your behalf; going to get sponsors or investors for you; a company that gets paid via commission or contingency; going to give you referrals or access to our celebrity clients or pitch them about something on your behalf.

Who is an ideal candidate for Born Celebrity consulting?

Born Celebrity™ clients are: talented (not just pretty faces or famous for being famous); already successful (not desperate or looking for someone to help them discover or establish their brands); more comfortable than conflicted about being in the spotlight (using the power and attention for the good); lifelong learners and “hands-on” creatives who take pride in evolving (not slackers who want other people to do everything for them); hard workers and action-takers (not whiners or smack talkers); risk-takers (growing is more important to them than trying to “coast” or “play it safe”); committed to investing financially in their brand for consulting so they can have more control over their success and happiness (as opposed to thinking someone else is going to do it for them, which, more and more, brands are realizing is wishful thinking); able to invest 5-, 6-, or 7-figures per year on brand strategy to grow and manage their brand.

Is Born Celebrity a fit for my brand?

If you've read the information above, you believe you're a fit for Born Celebrity™ consulting, and you want to know more, click on the button below to access our brief questionnaire. After you complete the confidential survey, about your brand and goals, we’ll let you know if you qualify for a complimentary discovery call. During the call, you will find out if you're a fit forBorn Celebrity™ consulting, and, if you are, we'll share how we can help you grow, protect, and love your brand—even more than you already do.